Appearance of Printing Industry in Tabriz

According to this discussion, it has been attempted to speak about the appearance of printing industry in Tabriz. Abbas Mirza nayeb al-saltaneh Mirza Zine al-Abedin Tabrizi was responsible for learning and establishing a printing house in Tabriz and in 1233, he entered the tools of letter printing to Tabriz and with the support of Abbas Mirza nayeb al-saltaneh, he established a small printing house.

Abbas Mirza the crown prince Fath-Ali Shah sent several people to Europe for learning the printing industry. He, then, have ordered to enter the printing presses to Iran from Russia and in 1816, Mirza Zine al-Abedin Tabrizi utilized one of the machines. After the entrance of letter printing, the first printing house has not been used.

The lead printing has been replaced by the litho printing since some people considered it as a blasphemy, due to the little variety of lead printing and its difficulty in writing the Farsi letters. Some old-fasshioned people made the use of newspapers and book publication expensive to buy.

Printing machines used in Iran are the lead ones, but they had some problems and they have been replaced by the litho printing. The lead printing had the lack of quality and some misspellings and problems like the line clearing and pallidness.

Elmiyeh litho printing had a special place and in 1290, it was established by Haj zine al-abedin known as Haji Haj Agha Elmiyeh and provided different services for various books.

About 90 years after the establishment of a printing house in Tabriz, Zine al-abedin Matbaachi the grandson of Haj Zine al-abedin who established a lead an litho printing house in Tabriz, He selected the name of Elmiyeh when getting his birth certificate and bought the printing presses from Europe and entered them to the Istanbul port using the roads of Egypt and used forty Buffaloes to enter the machines to Tabriz. Then, He entered eight experts from Germany to install and train these machines and he settled down them in his house.

When transporting these machines by buffaloes, they were passed through the narrow alleys of Monajem neighborhood and collapsed the houses of many neighbors and Haji Haj Agha payed for those collapsed houses.

Over the years of progressing the printing industry, Zomorod Printing Complex used modern facilities to print the products.

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