UV Coating and its Types

UV Coating and its Types UV coating is a compound pulled out on the wet paper and dried using an ultraviolet ray and is placed as a relief and glossy layer on the printed surface. Since these coatings are dried using an ultraviolet ray, they are called UV for short. Different compounds are used on […]

Cellophane Coating in Printing Industry

In the printing industry and at the end of the work, the important thing is the use of different coatings on the product and the cellophane coating is one of the most widely used coatings in the printing industry. After completing all the printing steps, the product must have the required strength against some external […]

A Complete Description About Offset Printing Steps

A Complete Description About Offset Printing Steps Here, we want to give a complete description of offset printing steps. The printing industry is considered as one of the most important industries and is in great demand and many people are looking to order these industries. By appearing changes in the world, its requirement has not […]

Printing and Printing Industry

Printing and Printing Industry In this topic, it has been tried to briefly investigate the printing and printing industry and its types . The word “printing” and its older form are extracted from a Mongolian word. From the past to the present, the word “printing” had many other meanings such as publication. The word “printing” […]