Appearance of Printing Industry in Iran

Appearance of Printing Industry in Iran Some people believe that the appearance of printing industry in Iran goes back to the Ilkhanid period, while others believe that Jewish people with Persian language brought it to Iran due to the importance of printing some books. In 1639, Christian missionaries published three books in Persian and the […]

Letterpress Printing and Its Advantages and Disadvantages

Letterpress Printing and Its Advantages and Disadvantages In this article, letterpress printing and its advantages and disadvantages are explained. Letterpress printing is one of the oldest techniques and it is considered as one of the techniques of relief printing. Gutenberg, the father of the printing industry, considers this technique as one of the fundamental printing techniques. […]

UV Coating and its Types

UV Coating and its Types UV coating is a compound pulled out on the wet paper and dried using an ultraviolet ray and is placed as a relief and glossy layer on the printed surface. Since these coatings are dried using an ultraviolet ray, they are called UV for short. Different compounds are used on […]

Cellophane Coating in Printing Industry

In the printing industry and at the end of the work, the important thing is the use of different coatings on the product and the cellophane coating is one of the most widely used coatings in the printing industry. After completing all the printing steps, the product must have the required strength against some external […]

A Complete Description About Offset Printing Steps

A Complete Description About Offset Printing Steps Here, we want to give a complete description of offset printing steps. The printing industry is considered as one of the most important industries and is in great demand and many people are looking to order these industries. By appearing changes in the world, its requirement has not […]

Printing and Printing Industry

Printing and Printing Industry In this topic, it has been tried to briefly investigate the printing and printing industry and its types . The word “printing” and its older form are extracted from a Mongolian word. From the past to the present, the word “printing” had many other meanings such as publication. The word “printing” […]

Pad Printing

Pad printing can be used with semi-automatic machines in low circulations. This printing can be done with two types of manual or desktop pad printing and two-color pad printing. Considering that pad printing does not require many facilities and high costs of printing, it is used in many cases of printing in industry and advertising […]

Flexo printing

Flexo printing Flexo printing or flexography is actually the use of flexible printing plates or flexible printed stereplates. The plates are laser-engraved using image negatives and wrapped around a rotating roller. These rollers use a combination of fast drying inks and heat to quickly set the ink to feed large sheets of corrugated cardboard as […]

Different types of papers

This article wants to consider different types of papers. Today, there are more than 3000 types of paper in the market for different purposes. Each type of paper has its own special place in the printing industry and they are used for different types of printing. The type and quality of paper used in printing […]

Screen Printing

Screen printing is a printing which uses a mesh fabric (silk) as a support for the composite stencil. In order to transfer the ink as an image onto a surface, the stencil form opens up areas of this mesh. A roller moves across the stencil and pumps the ink onto the mesh outlined in the […]

Various graphic formats for printing

Various graphic formats for printing In this topic, various graphic formats for printing will be discussed. Designers need to know about the output type of the design, which format can be used to get the best output. Of course, nowadays designs are done using Photoshop, Illustrator, and Corel Draw software. When we talk about the […]

Online graphic design

Online graphic design In this topic, online graphic design is presented: Graphics or graphic design is a subject that is seen and heard more than anything these days. The word graphics unconsciously leads our minds to images, posters and banners. We must say that this issue is directly related to the printing industry and is […]

Gravure printing

The formation of the gravure printing system is based on transferring the inks from the ink tank and then transferring them to the paper. In the first step of this type of printing, the surface of the cylinder is smeared with ink, and then the additional ink is taken and printed on the paper with […]

What is administrative form?

What is administrative form? Administrative form is the most widely used tool for administrative correspondence and they are documents created of writing and blank spaces for people to fill in. Administrative forms often have a standard in terms of appearance and size. Basically, in an office or organization, the appearance of the forms used for […]

Printed Coatings

Printed Coatings In this article, printed coatings are discussed. Before and after printing, one of the most important sections is the printed coating section which provides beautiful and attractive products. The printed coating of products often has an appearance but the printed coating is needed for everything that is produced to complete its packaging. In […]

What is Photoshop

What is Photoshop In this article, it is tried to give some information about Photoshop and it literally means photo workshop. This software is a professional graphic editor used to create and edit creative static and animated graphic works. This software is a powerful tool in the field of printing and printing house. History of […]