In the printing industry and at the end of the work, the important thing is the use of different coatings on the product and the cellophane coating is one of the most widely used coatings in the printing industry.

After completing all the printing steps, the product must have the required strength against some external factors such as moisture and the cellophane coating causes a very thin layer of cellophane to be embedded on the machine and glued to the products using a special adhesive. There are two thermal and mechanical methods for gluing this coating, which is glued to the product using an adhesive. In fact, the cellophane coating is glued to the paper before the cutting step. Thermal methods can make the thin layer stick better on the paper.

Cellophane coating in printing industry has a great flexibility, more strength and is less economical than other coatings. Cellophane coating can be used in two types called matte and glossy. Matte cellophane coating has an opaque appearance than glossy cellophane coating and provides better visibility in bright areas. Glossy cellophane coating contains transparency and reflects the light.

Types of Cellophane Coating

Different types of cellophane coatings used on the products have their own characteristics:

Matte Cellophane Coating

Matte cellophane coating in the bright environments, due to the opacity of the coating prevents the reflection of light from bright environments and therefore, increases the visibility. This type of coating provides a high quality color and slightly reduces the transparency of the color.

Glossy Cellophane Coating

Glossy cellophane coating is more transparent than the matte one. In such a coating, the colors look more vivid. In bright environments, such a coating allows direct and great light transmission.

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Problems Related to Cellophane Coating

Using the cellophane coatings makes the printed product look beautiful. However, this can lead to some problems since after using the cellophane coating, the product needs to be folded and cut and the presence of the cellophane coating causes the final product to be damaged. If you need to fold and cut, you need to use other methods of coating or leave your products to a professional printing house, which reduces the incidence of such problems.

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