Digital Printing

According to this topic, it is tried to briefly explain the digital printing. Normally, producing high-quality printed products requires time and preparation steps. But, the digital printing is a new method which helps to professionally print the texts or images in low circulation and it is printed directly from the computer to the printing machine at high speed . The main difference of digital printing with other traditional printing methods (offset, lithography, flexography, gravure or letterpress) is the lack of using a plate. In this method, the printers (mainly laser and inkjet printings) directly receive the files from the computer and print them on the paper using a toner or an ink which is placed on the paper, wood, glass, stone, foam board, canvas and fabric in a thin layer without penetration. Afterwards, thermal processes and UV radiation are performed on the desired area to stabilize the colors. Such a basic difference in digital printing machines increases the speed, quality, time reduction and the price between the digital method and other printing methods.

Advantages of Digital Printing

  • It is possible to edit and print each copy separately to reach the desired final copy.
  • It is a type of personalized printing, it is possible to print different images and information in each copy. For example, products such as personal cards have different serial numbers, names and pictures of people in each copy.
  • It is possible to print in low circulation to the extent that it is also called the printing in limited circulation.
  • Other advantages of this method is its higher speed and lower time due to the absence of plate or zinc preparation.
  • It is very simple to work with a Xerox digital printing machine in contrast to the offset printing machines and other methods and this advantage allows anyone to work with them with a brief training and there is no need for professional expertise.
  • The production of lower chemical and paper wastes is its other advantages.
  • Devices related to this method are expanding and improving day by day. Since 2010, despite the new technologies such as nano technology in the ink spraying system, printers have a much lower limit in speed and cost.
  • Due to the placement of all colors at once, its printing quality is higher than the offset printing.
  • Closeness of the printed colors to the colors of the original design

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