The formation of the gravure printing system is based on transferring the inks from the ink tank and then transferring them to the paper. In the first step of this type of printing, the surface of the cylinder is smeared with ink, and then the additional ink is taken and printed on the paper with surface pressure.

The background of gravure printing

With a long history, this kind of printing originated from China, and today, after the passage of time, it has been able to overcome its shortcomings with the development of technology and enter a new field.

How to work with gravure printing

Gravure printing is mostly used in the field of publishing, which has faced stagnation due to the decrease in the circulation of newspapers and the shift towards informing the news in the virtual world and websites. Currently, this industry is used in the field of packaging in a completely functional and unique way.

Gravure printing is used in the following fields:

  • food packing
  • Wallpaper
  • Label making
  • Wrapping paper

Printers were more inclined to flexo and gravure printing, and flexo printing was the leader for many years. But recent technical advances have been able to improve the position of gravure printing. Acceptable reasons have caused this progress in the field of packaging. One of the main reasons for this progress is that this kind of printing has the ability to produce uniform prints in high circulations.

This caused Chinese and Indian printers to be more interested in this industry. Given that the population is increasing and different and diverse requests from customers are happening in a market where there is a tight competition between competitors, gravure printing will have a significant impact. Among the new applicants for this printing, European countries, especially Germany, have had a significant impact on the introduction and development of this industry. In such a way that they have the largest amount of packaging of different brands.

Despite the fact that Europe and Asia use this industry more, America does not have a large share in gravure printing and is the leader in the field of flexo printing. American printers are reluctant to use this type of printing for several reasons, one of which is the high cost of this kind of printing compared to flexo printing.

Also, another reason for not choosing this type of printing by American printers is that the cylinder manufacturing process in America has not progressed compared to Europe and Asia and they are weak in this field, which leads to an increase in the cost of this kind of printing for Americans. In recent years, this industry has made many improvements, which changed the old attitudes towards the engraving industry.

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