Introduction of printing and its types

When speaking about printing, paper printing comes to the mind. In the past, printing was only limited to paper and there was no news of digital printing and the like. You probably haven’t realized until now that the pencil or pen you use is partly produced in the printing houses. Pencils and pens were just one example of tools that we can see some effects of printing industry on them.
Perhaps, the word “print” unconsciously brings of paper, book and magazine printing to our mind. But with the advancement of technology in the world of printing, the printing industry has gone beyond the magazine and book printing and expanded its activities. In the following article, we have completely explained the introduction of printing and its types.

Effects of printing industry

Man working in printing house with paper and paints

Todays, when looking at almost everything around, the effects of printing industry is noticed in. In another word, the look a product has depends on the design printed on.

In the last few years, the packaging, its design and its printing has played a major role in its buying and selling.
Currently, the variety of printing has increased due to the advancement of technology and different designs can be printed using this technology. Printing various designs and shapes is not limited to a special device or paper, but with the capabilities that technology has provided, various models and patterns can be printed on glass, metal, plastic, fabric, leather, chemical, etc. In the following, the types of printing with all their applications are introduced, so that you can get to know such a industry as much as possible.

Printing types

Probably, when the printing machine has first been invented, printing was done only in one way and did not have any special variety. But later and with the development of this industry, many methods and models were created in the printing industry, which has accelerated the work of activists in this field.

Printing is not only an industry but also an art. The fact that the variety of design and role of many products is unique and non-repetitive is related to the art and skill of the hands of printing designer hands. In the following, the printing and its types along with their applications will be introduced.

In general, printing is done in 3 ways:

1- Direct printing

2- Indirect printing

3- Non-contact printing

Direct Printing

In the direct printing, the printing surface is directly related to the printing form. Todays, everyone wants to do their work faster. One of the good features of direct printing is that there is no intermediary between and printing is done directly.

High speed of printing, ribbon saving and ability to laminate the ribbon are positive features of direct printing.

Indirect Printing

In this type of printing, leveling printing is not directly related to the printing form. For this reason, first the initial pattern is transferred on a colorless layer, and finally it is printed on another surface like paper. One of the most famous indirect printing methods is offset printing

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