Letterpress Printing and Its Advantages and Disadvantages

In this article, letterpress printing and its advantages and disadvantages are explained. Letterpress printing is one of the oldest techniques and it is considered as one of the techniques of relief printing. Gutenberg, the father of the printing industry, considers this technique as one of the fundamental printing techniques. Letterpress has the meaning of letter printing and it does not mention the relief printing.

By the early 1970s, letterpress printing was the most popular printing technique, but other printing techniques replaced this technique over time because of their higher quality and lower cost.

When letterpress printing has been appeared, it was performed by engraving on pieces of wood and such a method made the pictures stand out. The ink was then added to the engraved section and created an impression on the paper.

Engraving on the wood continued up to the twentieth century and later, the photographic and mechanical techniques were used for relief printing.

An example of letterpress printing

Advantages and Disadvantages of Letterpress Printing

Letterpress printing is one of the oldest printing techniques and according to technique, an operator is used for pressing the engraved frame on the paper. In this part, the advantages and disadvantages of letterpress printing are explained:

Advantages of Letterpress Printing:

  • A higher cost for preparing a letterpress plate
  • A lower printing quality in comparison to the offset printing
  • A lower speed

Advantages of Letterpress Printing

  • Text readability
  • Reducing the waste amount

For what items the letterpress printing is used:

Currently, the letterpress printing is used for printing low-volume works. This printing technique is mostly used for printing the black-colored works. Flexo printing presses have replaced the roll letterpress printing presses.

Letterpress printing tools

In spite of all the facilities provided to humans by letterpress printing, such a technique requires more time for adjusting the thickness of the printed text. This technique requires a higher degree of engraving and therefore, the exact engraving itself requires more time. In the following, an example of wooden engraving is presented.

An example of wooden engraving for English letters

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