Printed Coatings

In this article, printed coatings are discussed. Before and after printing, one of the most important sections is the printed coating section which provides beautiful and attractive products. The printed coating of products often has an appearance but the printed coating is needed for everything that is produced to complete its packaging. In addition to the appearance of products, the printed coating increases the resistance of the product and prevents the damages.

Todays, the quality that the appearance of coating has is very noticeable and the reason for the attractiveness of products is often related to the design with which the product is packaged. As a result, variety in printed coatings is very important and there are different types that you will get to know more about in the following.

Different types of printed coatings

Due to the existence of many designs, customers are faced with two ways in choosing their desired coating. In such cases, it is better to be familiar with different types of printed coatings. The price and quality of coatings are different, so it is better to get familiar with printed coatings before their selection.

Laminate coating

Laminate coating is one of the common coatings in printing houses and by using this coating, you can increase the resistance of your product. Lamination is a thick plastic coatings placed on the printed product. Laminate coatings are mostly used in opaque and glossy business cards, generally laminates are available in opaque and glossy form.

Due to its thick material and high resistance, this type of coating has a higher price than other coatings, including cellophane coating. Laminate coating is widely used because of its special features.

Cellophane coating

If having an attractiveness is much more important for you, you can use cellophane coating. Of course, it should not be said that the strength of cellophane is not as strong as laminate, but instead, it has a high quality in terms of appearance. One of the features of cellophane coating is that it has a clear appearance in printing wall posters. This type of coating is usually used in printing all kinds of business cards and has a more reasonable price than other printed coatings.

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