Printing and Printing Industry

In this topic, it has been tried to briefly investigate the printing and printing industry and its types . The word “printing” and its older form are extracted from a Mongolian word. From the past to the present, the word “printing” had many other meanings such as publication. The word “printing” has the meaning of imprinting and impression and for getting more information, it should be mentioned that the word “printing” has the meaning of “pressing and affecting one surface on another.” In fact, printing is the transfer of a picture and letter on a particular material when its circulation has to be repeated for more than once in a time and in the meantime, the shape and form of the transferred content should not change.

In the printing and printing industry, it is possible to print some words or pictures on a fabric, plastic, cardboard, paper, etc. and it is possible to produce some paintings or copy Millions of book copies.

Practically, printing can change a text into something valuable such as a newspaper, magazine or book. The most renowned type of printing is to print on a paper. By developing the printing methods, it is possible to print on a nylon, fabric, leather, metal, glass, etc. The word “printing-house” also means the place of printing and from the past to the present, it has been called by different titles.

Printing Types

  • Silkscreen printing
  • Offset printing
  • Locust printing
  • Letterpress printing

Here, each type of printing is briefly described:

Silkscreen Printing

Silkscreen printing is one of the modern printing methods and according to this method, some molds called stencils are used for printing. Such a method can be used for printing on different surfaces and the most commonly used surface is printing on fabric, and thus, this method is most often used in the textile industry and has led to the development of this industry.

An image of a silkscreen printing

Offset Printing

Offset printing is even called the lithography and this method can be useful for mass printing and specific rollers move on the metal plates and therefore, can print the images and colors. Such a method is considered as the most cost-effective mass printing method. The advantages of offset printing is to obtain high quality products. In such a method, the operator is capable of continuously controlling the amount of ink and contrast of the picture.

An image of offset printing

Locust Printing

This printing method is considered as one of the traditional printing methods and every time, it is only possible to print one color on the paper. In the past, this method was used to print images and texts on the confectionery boxes. Locust printing has a lower quality than offset printing and produces an interesting sound when it is used.

A sample of locust printing

Letterpress Printing

Letterpress printing is a relief printing method and such a method is considered as one of the primary printing methods. Although this printing method is known as a relief printing, it was even called letter printing because of using such a method for printing letters in the beginning.

A sample of letterpress printing
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