The Inventor of Printing Industry

In this article, it is tried to make an investigation about the inventor of the printing industry. Johannes Gutenberg is a German goldsmith and the first inventor of the printing industry and the printing press in Europe. Although Johann Gutenberg is known as the inventor of printing industry, the only thing he has done is to invent the first method of using movable-type printing press and this has made it possible to write the topics as quickly as possible. Of course, a Chinese businessman named Bei Sheng was able to use the printing industry about 400 years before him and this industry has been used almost 200 years ago by Korean people as well. The most valuable thing Gutenberg left behind is the Gutenberg Bible, which was a unique Bible.

Johannes Gutenberg

In 1398, he was born into a wealthy family in Mainz, Germany and his mother and father were landowners and aristocrats. Mainz was a famous city because of having metalwork and blacksmith. Johannes spent 13 years in Mainz and then left. He lived in a village for three years and then returned to the city due to the alliance of the guilds in Mainz against the nobles. As a goldsmith, Johannes had to become acquainted with metallurgy and learn how to pour molten gold into molds. Gutenberg worked with his father for many years and after his death, he went to a university. Due to the pressures on the nobles, he left the city again and went to Strasbourg to do research on the printing press and after many experimentation, he discovered the movable type. He got some help from noble investors such as Faust to invest the device. He was able to print half of the Bible, but was sued for the debts he had. He was forced to lose the device due to the complaints and debts. Faust set up a printing press, printed the Bible and made a lot of money. Johannes also established a printing press in the last years of his life and started his work again. He was nicknamed the father of the printing industry and died in 1468 in Mainz.

Gutenberg is said to have made a significant contribution to the invention of the movable type. In China, a man named Bei Sheng printed movable type in the middle of the 11th century. The emergence of the printing industry, despite its popularity in China, is not unique to the Chinese. At that time, movable type were made with the help of a type of pottery and did not have a great durability and the Koreans and Chinese made improvements in the movable type and later, the Korean government began to produce movable metal type. The Korean government then began producing movable metal type and before Gutenberg, movable metal type replaced the pottery type.

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