UV Coating and its Types

UV coating is a compound pulled out on the wet paper and dried using an ultraviolet ray and is placed as a relief and glossy layer on the printed surface. Since these coatings are dried using an ultraviolet ray, they are called UV for short. Different compounds are used on the paper, including polyethylene, calcium carbonate, etc. These compounds have adhesive properties on the paper. Such coatings differ in terms of reflectivity and thickness. The section “UV coating and its types” can increase the knowledge about this coating.

UV coating

UV Coating Types

UV coating is used in two different forms:

High Glass


Both methods present high quality products and give a sense of originality to the product owner.

UV coating has the ability to be applied to all product parts or just a particular part. When using a UV coating for a particular part of the product, prior plannings should be provided to highlight the particular part of the product.

Advantages of Using UV Coating

This coating makes the product look glossy and can be used in highlighting the specific part of a product. This coating is usually used for representing the logo and particular information of product.

A sample of UV coating

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