Various graphic formats for printing

In this topic, various graphic formats for printing will be discussed. Designers need to know about the output type of the design, which format can be used to get the best output. Of course, nowadays designs are done using Photoshop, Illustrator, and Corel Draw software. When we talk about the file format of printing, we mean the final output that is designed and ready to print with the help of these software.

In the graphic design, the higher the quality, the better the result. We are looking for the best and highest quality results in graphics. Therefore, we should use high-quality software for design, so that we do not have problems with the format of the file and save the high-quality file.

Maybe, this is the question of most people: “why should the output of the software have high capabilities and a suitable volume?” In answer to this question, we must say: “most of the graphic designs are printed, they must have high quality, so that there is no problem in terms of appearance.” what is important in the graphic design and the output of its files is that because of the visibility of works to the eyes of many customers and people, it must have a suitable capability in terms of visual identity and we will discuss these formats in the following.

Suitable format for printing images

You maybe have to print a text file or saved images, but you should keep in mind that not all formats can be printed; a file is printable whose printing format is of high quality and meets all print standards.

PNG format

This type of format is mostly used to save stickers and logos designed in Photoshop software. The PNG format is also used for storing and monitoring images on web pages. This format does not have animated format like GIF and supports Trasparenr feature.

JPG, JPEG format

This type of format is one of the most frequent and common types of graphic formats for printing and saving image files, most software support this format, but its quality is low compared to other formats. Opening images in this format is simple and can be opened without the help of any program. Of course, you should pay attention to the fact that this type of format is not suitable for printing due to its low quality.

GIF format

This format is often used in web pages as animated ads. Also, in addition to the web page, it is also used in most of the Android phone applications. This type of format is uploaded at a high speed on web pages due to its small size and color spectrum.

TIFF format

This format is one of the most popular TIFF formats among designers for printing projects. The tiff format, like PSD, has an open layer mode and supports RGB and 8-bit images. In addition, it supports CMYK and 16-bit images, which have high volume and quality and are considered a special format for printing.

EPS format

Another type of graphic format is EPS. This type of output is available in Illustrator, Corel and Photoshop software for saving files . Due to its quality output, this format is used for printing and advertising projects, advertising billboards, etc., since this format does not lose any quality during the storage. Because of its bitmaps, the EPS format instructs each pixel to have whatever size and color it has, so that it does not reduce the quality of the image in the form of pixels on a large scale.

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