What is administrative form?

Administrative form is the most widely used tool for administrative correspondence and they are documents created of writing and blank spaces for people to fill in. Administrative forms often have a standard in terms of appearance and size. Basically, in an office or organization, the appearance of the forms used for a certain purpose are the same.

These forms are used to create a set of similar documents and usually have the same appearance. However, they may have different serial numbers.

In some situations and after being completed by people working in organizations and offices or by clients, these forms can be used as documents, declarations for orders, requests, etc. such as customs declaration, tax declaration, etc.

As mentioned earlier, administrative forms are the most common tools in offices and organizations and can be seen in various types. Every administrative form has specifications and information that every person is required to use in offices and organizations to register their requests.

In the most activities of an office or organization, employees or clients deal with administrative forms, and these forms are known as documents and they and are so important.

In all administrative forms, there are spaces and where people should write the required information. Departments and organizations use administrative forms to record information and details of people. Administrative forms are also used to create similar content.

In fact, the administrative form is a paper with a special title, parts of which are empty for writing and recording specifications and information. Information such as name, date, recipient, etc.

Types of administrative forms

These forms have similar appearance, but their information, specifications and application are different from each other. Forms are divided into several general categories, each of which has its own use:

General forms

They are considered as types of forms and used in all offices and organizations such as employment form, overtime form and form of request for leave.

Special forms

It can be said that these forms are unconventional forms that are used by administrative units. These types of forms are usually prepared for one time and do not have general time and place such as: rare forms prepared by some administrative units and used only once at a certain time and place such as the contact information form of company offices.

Letter form

These forms are the same and their different parts are predetermined and printed. There are blank spaces in the letter form that people fill with the requested information and specifications such as: request form for goods or services in organizations and offices

What do administrative forms include?

As mentioned earlier, these forms have different types, each of which has its own specific use. But in general, it can be said that some cases are common to all forms. The following information are present in most forms:

  • First name and last name
  • Specifications of person who filled out the form
  • Date of filling the form
  • Subject and purpose of the form
  • Name and organizational information
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