In this article, lithography is explained. Todays, the printing industry is a very common profession in the whole world and in its absence, we will encounter many problems. About the printing industry, mankind has achieved a technology which makes us possible to print on any surface. Such a technology is called the offset printing. In the offset printing, there are many steps and one of which is the lithography.

In 1769, lithography was invented by a German writer and actor named Alois Senefelder and it was used as a simple and economical way to print and publish. He used the insoluble characteristics of water in fat and he was able to publish his works with higher quality. Lithography is a process in which the metal plates made up of aluminum and known as zinc or plates are created. Such plates are used in printing houses equipped with the offset printing systems to print on papers. Therefore, lithography is an intermediate step in the offset printing. First, the designed files are converted into metal plates using the lithography and these plates are, then, sent to the printing house for printing on papers. In this method, the insoluble characteristics of fat and water is used and therefore, we use the oil-loving particles for the parts we need to print and we use the water-loving particles for the parts we do not want to print. This makes it possible not to enter the color from the water-loving parts to the fat-loving parts and only the image is printed on the paper or other materials.


Advantages of Lithography

  • When the lithography method is used for printing, we can use large papers to print on.
  • It is possible to print on different things with different materials.
  • It has a high accuracy and quality in printing.
  • Not only it has a low printing cost in large volumes, but also it has a long lasting property.

Its only disadvantage is that it is time-consuming and it has a high cost, especially for small-volume printing works. If it is intended to print a high-volume work using such a method, the costs will be reduced and the printing work will be completed in a shorter period of time.

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