What is Photoshop

In this article, it is tried to give some information about Photoshop and it literally means photo workshop.

This software is a professional graphic editor used to create and edit creative static and animated graphic works. This software is a powerful tool in the field of printing and printing house.

History of Photoshop

The first version of this software was created in 1987 by brothers, John and Thomas Knoll, and at first, it was a simple tool for editing images, which lately has become a comprehensive tool for editing, retouching, combining and designing fixed and unfixed images.

Early versions of Photoshop were produced and distributed by Knoll brothers. But later, Adobe Systems bought this software from Knoll brothers and turned it into Adobe Photoshop. The first version of the software was released by Adobe in February 1990.

Photoshop applications:

This tool can be used as follows:

  • Editing and retouching images
  • Designing the business card
  • Designing banner
  • Designing brochures and advertising posters
  • Designing magazine cover
  • Designing basic web templaates

Photoshop tools and plugins:

Using Photoshop tools and plugins, it is possible to produce fixed and unfixed images that are not real at all, but look completely natural. With the tools available in, you can design the site template and then convert it into code. Of course, with the help of existing plugins, this can be done with a few simple clicks. But converting the template to code is usually done manually.

Job opportunities in Photoshop:

This tool is used in photography studios for retouching and editing images, and it is considered one of the main software needed by graphic artists and people who work in the field of advertising and designing posters, banners, books, magazines and publications. This tool can also be used for people who work in the field of website designing and application development. Students and people who work in the field of civil engineering and architecture can also use this tool.

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